Breaker Shop Services

TPS Rebuild Procedures:

  • Complete disassembly
  • Powder coating the frame
  • Silver polished or Re-silvered if necessary
  • Zinc plating for mechanism parts or parkerizing (bring back to manufactures original state)
  • Replace old bearings with new bearings
  • Rework wiring harness and coils
  • Secondary disconnects polished
  • Apply manufacturer’s lubricant to mechanism parts during assembly
  • Apply manufacturer’s lubricant to all current carrying parts
  • Retrofit breaker the trip unit of customer’s choice

Equipment failure analysis

  • Shop calibration of relays, breakers
  • Oil Filled device repair
  • Breaker Refurbishment
  • Complete rebuilds: low and medium voltage breakers
  • Complete rebuilds: medium voltage contractors
  • Retrofits for any type of 480 volt draw out breaker
  • Repairs for any type of low and medium voltage switchgear